Elfbarking – What is Elfbark?

Elfbark is a natural substance used to make hypnotic tea. It is a popular drug for Chalcedan slaves and it can be purchased from smugglers on the 6D border. It can also be sold on the market at a price. It is a powerful and addictive drug. Learn all about elfbark.

What is Elfbark?

Elfbark is a herb that Fitz often takes to dull his Skill-hunger and help alleviate the skill headaches that come with it. Kettle was horrified to learn that Fitz was using it, for it is said to extinguish the ability to Skill in youngsters and cripple its growth for adults.

It is also said that elfbark can change a person’s temperament, making them suspicious and defensive of their nearest companions. However, it can also increase a person’s stamina, so it is often used by slave-owners in Chalced to give their slaves a longer work day.

Elfbark Benefits

Elfbark is a potent stimulant that has a number of other less pleasant side effects. It can alter the user’s temperament, making them suspicious and defensive even with their closest companions while dampening their sense of self-worth.

The best elfbark is harvested from the new branch tips of very old trees. It is then cut off of the tree and placed in a pouch to dry. Once it is sufficiently dried, it can be grated into a powder and infused as a tea.

Elfbark Side Effects

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